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What is a Deepfake Video?
A deepfake video is video footage that is not real, but appears more lifelike that traditional “fake videos”, so much so, they can be very hard to identify. As technology advances, it is becoming more difficult to separate the real from the fake due to developments in video editing software. Deep fake videos tend to include footage of a person, with another face imposed on to their body.

In recent years, deep fake videos have gone viral and their use has increased across social media, with many celebrities sharing funny deep fake videos of themselves for entertainment in a bid to interact with their followers.

Professional deepfake videos can be used to commit fraud, sway political feeling or create political tension, and it is these videos that require professional editing and software. Videos like the ones shared by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus on the other hand are both simple and fun to create, and can be made in a few minutes.