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While the development of face swap videos originally occurred at a high level – requiring advanced technology and technical expertise, like most tech creations, versions of this have now filtered down into the public sphere. In this case. There are now many apps available on the app store or Google play store. That can quickly and easily be downloaded to allow you to make your own version of a deep fake video. While these videos may not be as technically advanced as ones created to disrupt governments. They sure are fun to play around with alongside your friends and family.

These face change apps allow you to face swap online. Putting photos of yourself or your close friends onto a catalogue of different GIFs and videos that you can then send on. They use deep fake technology to identify your face, or a face from a photo saved on your camera roll. Then take this face and add it to the media that you have selected. These apps have received much praise in recent years, receiving positive reviews on the Google app store. Their creations being broadcast on social media for entertainment.

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus have used face swapping apps to create content. That they have then shared to their social media channels. The fans love this as they can easily get involved too by downloading a face swapping app themselves.

Are Face Swapping Apps Safe To Use?

Many question whether face swapping apps are safe to use due to the fact that there have been many news articles and opinions online about deep fake videos and how they can be a danger to our society. These concerns, however, are rarely about face swap apps designed for fun with friends and family. Where you put your face on comedy GIFs or music videos. Instead. The danger with deep fake videos comes more. When they are used in high-profile fraud cases, fake news or political manipulation.

Az Android és az Apple alkalmazásboltjain keresztül elérhető arccsere-alkalmazásoknak gondoskodniuk kell arról, hogy védjék felhasználóik adatait. Ha aggódik amiatt, hogy egy adott alkalmazás mennyire biztonságos. További részletekért tekintse meg adatvédelmi szabályzatukat. A biztonságos alkalmazások nem tárolhatják fotóit vagy adatait néhány hétnél vagy egy hónapnál tovább. Ezt követően az adatait törölni kell. Ezen felül az adatokat az alkalmazáson belül kell tárolni, és nem szabad eladni vagy elküldeni más cégnek. A legtöbb arccsere-alkalmazás biztosítja ezeket a szabályokat, hogy bizalmat építsenek ki az alkalmazás felhasználóival, ezért nem kell aggódnia.

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